About Us

Welcome to our website, glad you could join us. 

Over the years we've camped all over Australia.  We really enjoy camping on beaches and always found it difficult to anchor our guy ropes in loose ground conditions. We've filled plastic bags with sand and buried them, tied off on eskies, tires and logs.  You name it we've used it to secure a camp

That's why we developed Ant Lion. Unlike traditional sand pegs or stakes when buried the Ant Lion has no sharp edges protruding so its safe as houses around the camp especially if you have kids. It is designed to go in a hole,  not be filled with sand, so on removal it self cleans and leaves little disturbance.  In saying that, Ant Lion can be utilized almost anywhere you need a tie off point.  Drive a car tire on it, wrap it around a tree, fill it with rocks or sit a jerry can or two on top.

We hope you liked our website, thanks for checking us out.  

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