Beach camping - Sand Camping

Camping on sand

Mr sandman bring me a dream 

Dear Sand, nobody likes you. Yours sincerely. Everybody
So you love camping and you love the beach and you love the outdoors. Well, you can do all those things together you just need to be sand prepared.
How good is it to perch up on a dune watching the world go by.  Setting up on the beach for a weekend of sun, sand and sun baking.  Frolicking, jumping, lazing around like a great sand goanna - Loving it.  Then....
Then you get there.   You bewilder as to how sand actually gets where it gets. You Horrify to how sand got where it got. You Boggle to how sand gets in where it gets in. You are simply.  Amazed..
Don't be Ammophobic, grab your monocle and peruse at your leisure our quick tips on camping in sand 

Wear thongs

Were not talking about those sorts of thongs, although you can if your heart desires.  Were talking about the ones you wear on your feet. Flip flops, thongs whatever you call them ditch your shoes and slip on a pair whenever your camping around sand. Don't mess around with your boots or laces. Chuck a pair of thongs in. There will always be sand inside, no matter what, it finds its way in everywhere, any which way.  Take a dust pan and brush with you too. You'll need it...    

Bring a groundsheet

Use a shade cloth / tarp, one of those rubber mats with holes in it from Bunnings a towel, whatever you have will be better than nothing.  lay it out in front of your door way, take your hoof protectors off as far away from the door as you can and use the covering to remove the sandy bits as you head inside.  Tarps work really well when the sky is crying too....
Don't forget your eye drops just in case the sand and dust gets in your peepers!

Tools are cool 

Grab some gear before you leave home. Don't go buy heaps of shiny new gadgets.  Just come household basics 
  • Grab the old garden shovel you've been planting time capsules with
  • Chuck a bucket in and some plastic bags
  • Don't forget your thongs
  • Toothbrush - Someone elses - They are great for cleaning sand and dust from zippers


Just remember to enjoy it. Make the most of the experience, camping in sand has its challenges but so does anything.  Go off on your adventure knowing that you will get sand in places sand probably shouldn't get
Change your mindset - After all, Its only sand. 

Image provided by Roxanne Desgagnés

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